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Posted:I got my first piercing saturday night. I got my left brow done. My mom flipped out, but she can kiss off, cause i love it! hehehe.

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Posted:i've got my toung piercing on june and thinking of getting something else done also but have not decided yet....



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Posted:hey!! i got my nose pierced last july... i don't know about anyone else.. but i had a lot of trouble with it!! first they gave me a stud with a straight post.. i eventually lost it cause well it fell out of my face constantly.. and now i have a new one and the spiral sticks out like a booger.. well yeah that is all i really had to say.. as for fire dancing.. still learning and loving every bit of it!!


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Posted:Congrats on your first piercing. Like others have already said...they are addicting.Other than once having my ears pierced (which I personaly don't count as "piercings" and have since taken them out) I had my left eyebrow pierced twice...once in Germany, once in Spain (warning...they use huge metal spikes to pierce in Spain that hurt like the dickins...especially when going through scar tissue).I also have my left nipple pierced. Now THAT was D*MN PAINFULL! I'm currently working on building up the courage to get the other one done.As for tattoos, I have two. The first one is of a dragon on the outside of my right calf (in it in Washington, D.C.). The second one is also of a dragon and located on my stomach, to the right of center...on my abs ( it in Spain).Yes, tattoos are addicting as well.
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Posted:Hey PK,Seems like you have started a full on thread here!My brother in law got his septum done when we went the tattoo show at Aston Villa leisure centre. He's now up to 6mm (in the cartliage if that's how you spell it!) he's had lot's of tattooing and peircing but he say's that was the worst by far, especialy streching it.What's next for you?------------------A pleasant chap with no ulterior motives....

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Posted:Some cool sites you guys might want to seeBMEis the nets best body mod is great, lots of picsPreciuos click on "Tribe"These guys are all mates of mine, i have performed with them a couple of times.have fungarbo------------------ quote:"Be the change"Mahatma Ghandi [This message has been edited by garbo (edited 05 February 2002).]

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Posted:next for me,prolly to finish my guich ladder i have 5 so big thing will probably be a 14 point susspension in the near future if plans go a head.i want more ink done but as for cash, i have none and what i do have are being used on my coral reef and new equipment for performing. so i am taking a break from the mod world right now.PK


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