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Posted:Hello all,I am just curious to know what sort of animals you all keep at home?I ask this because pets can relate to the type of person you are and what type of life style you have, and how you can relate to others. I know we all share one or more passions here amongst our selves but there could be people out there with some thing out of the ordinary..I myself have been a big animal fan for a few years now, i have had in my time for various reasons 10 species of lizards including a Rhinoceros iguana and a few green iguanas, several snakes, fish, cats , mainecoons <<my fav) mud skippers. so what do you keep?PK


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Posted:Cutie Poi Girlie, I suggest you get a pet Spam. It will out live you as long as you don't open the can.I was thinking about this thread at work today, and now I fancy I'll get myself a pet Armadillo. I love those f*cking things. Like giant rollie pollies
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Posted:sickpuppy - you ever run over a can of spam - that would be fun (and quite messy!)Pele - maybe a grass snake, but the fact that it moves and squirms has been, uh... rather popular!
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fluffy napalm fairy
fluffy napalm fairy

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Posted:I used to keep the teeth I lost in a box and name them and feed them and stuff.... I considered them pets until I grew up and realized that they dead bits of me that I was morbidly playing with
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Now I'm boring and conformist with the usual cats, dogs, horses, spiders, donky and honourary ducks. [This message has been edited by Ros (edited 27 January 2002).]

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Posted:3 domesticated feral cats. Possibly the cutest things you will ever see and possibly dangerest. They beat up foxes for gods sake.

I hope you realize how pissed I am.


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