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how do people feel about the use of high tech materials in the production and use of comet products. the use of kevlar, i don't know how they make it but i can't imagine it the most enviromentally friendly product/process, are there alternatives?i'm not a fire finnne you see.and the use of fuels? i guess the fire keepers have got to use them. but maybe someone of the searching type or chem teacher nyc could give a run down on the enviro side.i like my comets and try to use recycled stuff to make them, like drink bottles and party stringy stuff, but i would much rather use some natural products, does anybody use such stuff.???

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I actually think what you are doing by recycling bottles is far more enviro friendly than if you were to use a natural fiber, which can then be put towards more practical implications.There was a thread a long time ago similar to this one but not the same (which is why this is still open, for those wondering). That thread did discuss possible implications of fuel run off on the ground and smoke in the air. I think it also touched on the noise pollution factor that we create when blaring the radios so that we can spin to the music.As for wicking, if you want to use something natural...heavy cotton (like old denim pants) or a heavy wool could be used. It just seems to me that is also a waste because it burns through much faster, but if you have the ruined no-longer-able-to-be-worn jeans, I say go for it!The thing is, synthetics are going to be produced anyway, and if I use them in one of my creations then I know the material is not going to end up in a river somewhere, if that makes sense. I know the theory of, if you don't buy they will stop making it, but people have been trying that since the 60's and it still isn't happening.That being said, I have tried oddities like christmas ribbon for streamer Poi and such. I use beans in the head when I make them. I think even using LED lights with long lasting watch batteries, or rechargeable batteries is better than glowsticks, and in fact I have only used about ten glowsticks since I started this, partly because I feel bad about it. And now with so many awesome light options, I don't feel as inclined to use them either. When I fisrt started I used old socks all balled up (much softer on the hits!)I bet if the plastic bottles were decorated/filled with stuff you could really have some interesting Poi on your hands. Just drill a hole through the top, tie your strings in them. Glue down the top after screwing on tightly and there you go! Maybe???------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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I've suggested it before and I'll say it again...Finding a save/nontoxic/environmentaly friendly way to twirl fire is like asking for a vegitarian way to eat beef. It's not going to happen.
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Don't get fooled by the term "natural" either. Crude oil is 100% natural but it is extrememely destructive to the environment...ANY fuel that we are using will add to greenhouse gasses, be toxic to our bodies, and be detrimental to the environment.I haven't done my homework on biodiesel so I'm unfairly ignoring it.I think the important part (and the "why I'm not concerned") is the AMOUNT that we're using. I know I go through 10-20 gallons of gasoline in my car in a given week while only a few gallons of lamp oil a year burning Poi.My point is, and I do have one... If you're concerned about the environment there are other areas of your life that would probably be more effective ways to affect it than fire burning. Take a bus, turn you lights/AC off when you leave the house, etc... and you'll be saving the environment more than you ever could by stopping Poi. We're just not using the amount of fuel that could impact the envionment seriously.Your question was about kevlar, but I still think that the fuels that we use are more environmentally harmful than kevlar production. Also, kevlar's really not that bad... Since it is long lasting I'd imagine it to be more environmentally friendly than burning towels every third burn. My humble opinion...

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I agree with NYC. The actual impact of firedancing on the environment is insignificant compared to the impact you can make in other areas of your life.Using public transport, recycling not only plastics and glass but paper and cardboard. Not buying disposable items such as lighters, razors etc. Just buying refills for washing powder.Also as strong an emphasis as possible on NOT buying non-recyclable items, such as steel or tin cans, and using foot or pedal power as much as possible.Etc etc etc. But by far the most important thing you can do, is encourage others to do the same...IMHO------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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Hmmm, I think you have to face it, Fire Twirling is not environmentally friendly. Using re-cycled cotton is ok, but cotton production rapes the earth. Has anyone tried hemp? You would think the bio-diesel would be a good alternative fuel, but when you consider how much energy and resources go into producing it, then you may as well go for a hydrocarbon. Yeah, you can re-cycle chip oil and stuff, but you still need methanol or whatever. I suppose the best way is to compensate by doing positive things for the environment.

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