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Posted:I was looking a the tool AEnima coverart (sorry about the misspelling of the name of c.d) and was wondering WHo in the fucking hell is bill Hicks?i saw a quote from him somewhere in this site ( it takes one special woman of several average ones, or something)what is he who is he what the hell has he done and why did mayanard james keening put him on the coverart "saying : bill hick's Another dead hero. "this sums it up for me ????????fireboyand Katie. B where are u!!!!!!!!!!!


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Posted:Bill Hicks was a stand up comedian who died several years ago from cancer. He was a brilliant humorist who was known for laughing in the face of convention, and for slaughtering sacred cows, so to speak. Do a Google search, maybe you can find some of his material online; it would be well worth the effort. Hayduke


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Posted:i have 2 of his cd's, and heyduke is right, there is nothing that is sacred to him. "Rant in E Minor" is damn funny.He has very enlightening views on every subject imaginable. His take on drugs will make you cry from laughing so hard.he can be very offensive. hes right up there with George Carlin, if not worse. So in other words you either play the cd till it breaks or chunk it in the garbage"S"

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