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Location: Israel

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Posted:hey poi peeps.Haven't been on here for sooooooo long.Anyway i'd just like to say hey and that im fuckin' bored!!!!!!

life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans John Lennon

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Location: Reading, UK

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Posted:Hi Acid I am also one of the bordest beings on this earth, just to humour the peeps last night i used fire and singed my eyebrows *rubs what's left of them sorrowfully* God knows how i hit myself there anyway
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------------------Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi

Where there is sorrow I seek the Flame - Rumi



Location: San Jose California

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Posted:Hey Fire Sista, were you doing the BTB weave? I always get it in the face when I screw that one up.

Ribbons of color twining and flux, open tomorrow for me