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FrodoBRONZE Member
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Due to the recent incident in kent over the weekend 28-30th November i have decided to ask for the general opinion on "Laptops and Network hubs", when brought to a weekend of spinning. let me explain.....

well a number of people went to joe sixsteps at the weekend, and along with various cakes and toys, four laptops and a network hub were arranged in the living room....

Eva spank and a number of other people were discussed and accused the offenders (UCOF, Konsti, Sam the random and myself) of being geeks!? the fact that i gained 15 gigabytes of top quality music and a number of gigabytes of poi movies is beside the point...

whats your opinion, do tell....

Frodo x ubbtickled

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arsnHow do you change this thing???
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There are two sorts of people... Jocks and nerds...
now, as a jock it's my role to point and make fun of nerds... NEEEERRRRRRRDDDDDDD!!!!!


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flidBRONZE Member
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no, because then it would just be a LAN party, and those things smell of BO a mile off, my ex housemate runs them regularly. rolleyes

pounceSILVER Member
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i'm a geek here, cause if i go anywhere for more than a day (and sometimes even for just a day), i generally bring my laptop. i get way too much email and don't have enough space on my account anyways to neglect checking it for too long. plus i'm addicted to this site biggrin

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here is the OFFICIAl reason for taking so many technological gizmos to a party.

We took my laptop as the harddrive is practically empty and so, as i am creating the video, we could put all the videos and pictures that everyone took onto mine

We took Konstis as he has 15Gb of music which could be taken anywhere...

we took the hub to transfer data (videos, pictures, music, etc) between the computers REALLY easily...

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A true nerd would be someone who simply HAD to set up a brand new internet account just so that he could check to see if annyone had posted on HOP...that would be true nerds...


we did that as well.. umm


flidBRONZE Member
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A true nerd would be someone

where as a geek would have just written a wap interface and used an existing phone.

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very geeky...
but in a sociable sort of way!
can appreciate why you did it, but its still geeky! wink

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*points and laughs at all the geeks and then runs away* ubblol

(aw, they know I'm just jealous ubbangel)

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mrFlibbleSILVER Member
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i've been to LAN parties, and i know what deodorant is ! and i use it too.

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