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Posted:Here is an article recently written on our fine artsSome like it hotThanks Liam Finnigan (aka Sacred_Spirals) for telling us about the article.
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Posted:Great article, but is it just me or is there some thing inheirantly wrong with comparing fire spinning with Harry Potter? Seemed a little odd.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.

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Posted:I know what you meen, where does mr harry potter come into it?! Haven't tried out my new fire poi yet, but i cant wait!! Certainly wont b painting it accross my body yet tho!
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Posted:Very interesting article.. thanks for posting it. I understand 100% why they were referring to Harry Potter.... Oh well..

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Posted:You mean everyone in the world hasnt seen Harry Potter yet???? :Pwas a good article..still seemed to be very one-sided on the opinions.PLURRCRD



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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:Yep just the fact that the writer was vien enough to throw something from pop culture in like that damages PART of the article. I say part in meaning that paragraph, other than that it was an very well done article.

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