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Posted:I've been cruisin around this site for a while now, and looking at some stuff in the shop, and i decided that id really like to buy something! The only problem is, i dont know how to do it!! Do you just use your credit card? What about the exchange rate and all that stuff? (Being from south africa) Does it do all that without me having to do anything?This actually sounds really dumb!Peace out------------------ColesId love to be a glow-wormCuz a glow-worm's never glumIt's hard to be downheartedWhen a light shines out your bum

Id love to be a glow-worm
Cuz a glow-worm's never glum
It's hard to be downhearted
When a light shines out your bum

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Posted:er yeah. You use your credit card. The credit card company does all the tricky stuff for you. And there's an online price conversion thing right there in the shop so you don't have to think too hard.Malcolm's really good with all this stuff you know
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