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telicI don't want a title.
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So, I noticed the Art of Fire Bullwhips video in the store, and got really excited. I want it! But not on VHS. Anyone know if it'll be coming out on DVD?

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CassandraFroggie ... Ribbit !!!
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you could try and email Riz about it ? smile
the video is awesome by teh way and having spent teh night dancing with him yesterday as a matter of fact I can tell you he is even more amazing and even more and even more ... every day.... anyway ... I am Riz fan, he is a sexy beast ubblove
see you next weekl maybe in NYC ?
shine on

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telicI don't want a title.
940 posts

Yah! Send me a PM or email, I'd love to see you next week!

And since Riz is an amazing sexy beast, I guess I'll have to just get the VHS. biggrin

E pluribus unum, baby.

Fire By Riz tmmember
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Cass sweety
your doing wonders for my ego please dont stop ubbloco: There are no plans in the near future of the ART OF FIRE tapes going dvd.Maybe by mid next year when I do the advanced firewhip tape I will go with dvd masters.

Cass did Jeff tell you I have you all day on the 21st?? He drives a hard bargan
not only did it cost me a set of fire poi but I also had to come off my last box of twinkes.. But it was a trade welllllllllllllllllllllll made

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