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Posted:Greeting my very excellent HOP'ers biggrin.

Right, well unfortunatly I was leging it around Madras the other day in an auto rickshaw and,

having reached my destination I suddenly realised that my sunglasses were missing, I think

they must have dropped off my shirt at some point. eek

Anyway, not only is this a serious bumber but to me this is actually a bit of a problem. I wear my

glasses ALL THE TIME ubbloco accept whilst sleeping and when its dark, I, and this will sound very sad, can't actually

do without them especially in India, It aint just about keeping the sun out your eyes, I feel very

uncomfortable without them on, just the other day I kinda freaked out a bit cause I didn't

have them on, stupid I know
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Anyway, beside the point, my glasses were Oackley A wires and I loved them ubblove, now they are

gone I am obviously looking to buy some more but have been recently distracted by the Oakley

Over the tops
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Question, does anyone have any experience with these glasses, what they like etc.

cheers guys. beerchug


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Posted:sorry i wish i could help but the closed iv come into contacked with them is seeing someone wearing them and thinking by cricky thats deffanily differant. i can see how theyd be handy tho. best sunnys ive ever had were durty dogs and the got stolen ubbcrying but i was looking round the other day and this sales lady pounced on me and started ravaling on about how oackelys were the best glasses in the world (or so she seemd to think) because they had the only lense that is 100% ture to what the eyes and dont destort the image at all.

thats all i can help you with.

good luck tho! cool

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Posted:I've got a pair of sarengetti's an they are awsome. They are good for driving,bright sunlight,Gloomy day's,and hiding your eye's when they get all red wink The lens's change there tint accourding to how much light there is.

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Posted:About twice a year I have to buy new sunglasses because I lose them, including a summer when a pair were stolen while I was wearing them, and my only reward for trying to retrieve them was a beating eek

So, sorry to be a killjoy, but the only advice I can give you is to not buy a pair of Oakleys because thieves will love you and they are expensive to lose! You can buy designs like Oakleys (not necessarily blatant fakes) with good UV protection at reasonable prices if not where you are, then try on the net.

How do these 'over the tops' arms fold then, anyway? confused

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Posted:lol I greddily thought that this was gunna turn out to be a psytrance thread, but I am sadly mistaken.
Ott could also be the name of the Dub misuc influences of Simon Posford - one of the creative geniouses behind Hallucinogen, Sphongle and Yonger brother.
of course, we may turn this thread into a psytrance one if we really wanted to! wink
ps alot of djs like to wear these silvery things with other silvery things, like the ubiquitous Silver Sony MDJ700 Monitors. :shrugs:

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Posted:I thought you were referring to music also.

Sorry nay experience with the glasses, funky frames though cool

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