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Posted:i was reading the gawd damn thread and nomads post got me thinkingi used to read afew juggling message boards and when people where saying a really good trick there are many juggling moves which are insanly hard like for instance 5 ball mills mess which anyone who knows about juggling will know if practicaly impossible. its theses moves that are used when exagerating stuff. (does that make any sence to any one but me?) what would you say are the "ultimate" poi and staff moves which people have as there goal to learn?im not saying poi are easy but would you say it is more style that sets apart different skills and less about indevidual move difficulty?

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Posted:My friend has mastered the dual tri-sec with a little coaching from the mind of the Jedimastah. Granted they are about a third of the size of normal tri-sec, but they look cool on fire any way.


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