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very nervous smit posting here ubbidea
got to do an audition tomorrow night straight after work for the tales of robin hood, they want someone to do some fire entertaining inbetween courses at their medieval banquets so i have got to do an audition for the manager tomorrow night.
ihave a little routine worked out and two sets of fire poi to show him so it should be quite good.
ive got to fill two 1/4 of an hour shifts 3/4 of an hour rest inbetween
50 for 1 and 1/4 hours work, thatll be the most money ph ive ever earnt in any job ever im going down with my firey friend owen as he does devil sticks and we can do it between us.
should be fun, lots of fun.
have lots of really nice photos coming up on a brand new website we are starting dedicated to fire, we would also like to make props, just custom jobs and are looking into selling some interesting toys.
wish me luck boys and girls

my original signature was tooo long.
this one is shorter

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Posted:Lots of luck coming from me.... kiss kiss hug hug hug

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