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Hi all, just wondering if anyone spins in the Whistler Blackcomb area or is coming over soon? Lookin' for someone to play with in the snow. Cheers

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heya! not that I'm coming over, but I spent close to 2 years living in Whistler. came back about 1.5yrs ago.there's not a huge fire scene there, that's for sure. I taught a few people some basic single staff, but knowing the ever-shifiting population of the ski town, I doubt any of them would still be around.If you're on a working holiday visa and would like to get a volley pass for the mountain, contact guest services or the people that do the Fire & Ice show every Sunday night at the base outside the longhorn and offer your services. During my first season there I spun fire for the mountain for an hour once a week: in return they gave me a CDN$1700 ski pass! it was a sweet little deal and the tourists just loved it.Anyway, I know a whole lot about Whistler and all it has to offer and everything to keep away from. Feel free to email me
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