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Posted: Alchohol: Liquid ego.Alchoholic: Guy who tries to pull himself out of trouble with a corkscrew.Apathy: The condition of a person who has sat on the fence for so long that the iron has entered into his soul.Appeal: When one court is asked to show its contempt for another court.Bible: A prophet and lust account.Irish catholic: Combustible mixture of guilt, dogma, and hard liquor.Chivalry: A mans inclination to defend a woman against every man, but himself.Cigarettes: Killers that travel in packs.Clear conscience: A bad memory.Cleavage: Something you can approve of and look down upon at the same time.Cult: Dogmatism chasing a catechism.Decency: Shames conspiracy of silence.Diehard: A man who worships the very ground his heads buried in.Grudge: The heaviest thing you can carry.Humiliation: The realization that we have suddenly shrivelled up to our normal dimensions.Hunting: Killing time with a shotgun.Hypocrisy: Homage that vice pays to virtue.good 4 a laugh, or have I exposed my eccentric sense of humour that is wierd enough to rival Catus'
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, feel free to add any that u've come across or think up, Poi:?

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