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Posted:ooooh! I stay away for a month (been too busy working) and come back only to find the new vid's done and dusted! Obviously I ordered it straight away, then came over to the forum to hear what people are saying about it. But... no topics! Hasn't anyone seen it yet?Can't wait...

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Posted:what if i told you i thought wraps were for newbies and take no skill to do?------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====


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Posted:Please, get over this "my wraps are better than your silly moves" crap. We went over this before and I think most everybody here agreed that the technical skills were not all that matters in fire dancing.I love to watch the video of the NYC people. There's nothing that blows my mind technically on it, but it's very well filmed and edited so I'm always excited to watch it. Now, look at Cassandra. She doesn't do anything technically too hard (I'm sure nothing that you can't do), but do you notice how graceful she is? How she moves her body? That makes her one of my favorite people to watch on that video. Actually, when I show it to friends, I usually show Sage (for the impressive technical skills), the NYC tribe (for the cool underground vibe and amount of fire displayed), myself (well, it's my friends, they wanna see me!), and Cassandra (how beautiful is her candlelight setting).I've seen people do some really cool stuff with wraps, fast and well coordinated. It's fun. However, I would prefer BY FAR watching someone who shows flow and grace even if that person only does weaves and low


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