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Posted:I have already been in discussions with one of you lurverly people about doing some work on a web site and I just wanna open the forum somewhat and let everyone know that I'm gonna be extending this service somewhat.Basically my house mate and I are both pretty web literate and are developing web sites for an increasing number of people.Economics being what they are, we have to inflict a small charge but I don't reckon you'll get a more competetive deal anywhere (and if you do, fair play!).If you do want to give an existing site a revamp or you're a first timer, drop me an email ( and we will see what we can do.**Phew** Got the sales pitch out the way then, so I hope you're all doing well. Just recovering from my first visit to a family celebrating Thanksgiving so now I'm very full and very satisfied; you US guys know how to make good eatin'!Sweet potato pie rules.------------------"The tincture of night began to suffuse the soup of the afternoon. He considered the sentence, and found it good. He liked 'tincture' particularly. Tincture. Tincture. It was a distinguished word, and pleasantly countered by the flatness of 'soup'. The soup of the afternoon. Yes. In which may be found the croutons of teatime."

---------------------With a bit of luck, his life was ruined; always thinking that just behind some narrow door, in his favourite bars, men in red woolen suits are getting incredible kicks from things he'll never know.

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Posted:sweet potatoe pie...hmm there's an idea for next year..hell there's still a big container of mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallows and some small kind of nuts..*thinks about how much a crust costs*damn munchies..------------------ [PLUR]-=Crazy Raver Dude=-