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Posted:Check it out:, they refer to fire-blowing as "fire-eating" but it is still interesting

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Posted:Cheers Admarice, any one got anymore? Good or bad. What makes YOU perform? I dont mean just spinning, I mean perform. The people in the article mentioned do it for the money but is it cos you wanna show off or entertain?Can anyone share the basic psycological reasons behind performing? TempestIts all in the wrist baby!


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Posted:I do it for the love of the art. The fact others get to enjoy it with me is great, and if I get paid, that's just an added perk.CRD




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Posted:Interesting article on many levels...It does prove my point that "Fire breathing dangerously" is just an easy parlor trick.The socio/economic issues underlying the article are interesting too...Paralleling fire performing and rolling in broken glass for money? Somebody should give those kids some poi.
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I'm with CRD for the love of fire twirling itself. It's not much less fun for me to spin by myself as it is to spin infront of an audience. I got my "Hey everybody look at me!" overwith by doing High School theater. Actually, I think I did that for the art as well...I get greater satisfaction spinning in front of one fire-fluent friend than a crowd of screaming clubbers.

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Posted:could be worse they could refer to it as fire BLOWING

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Posted:They refer to fire breathing, eating and blowing, 3 different things aren't they? I thought fire blowing was something that politicians pay good money for, something involving Tabasco(R)???
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Posted:I found the socio-economic base to this article to be very amazing, not just for the fire guy but for everyone, the glass rolling children especially. Towers of people on a street corner? I never would have thought.I also appreciated it wasn't about fire, nor was this article a judgement on fire artists, it was about the poverty that drives these people to do these things. Personally I too would rather breathe fire than wash car windows, for my own safety!I know a bit about performing TEMPEST. I have been doing it in some capacity for my whole life, and at least semi-professionally nearly 11 years now. Mind you, this is not just fire but primarily acting, singing and dancing. For me, as well as for many other performers I know, it is not about love of money, nor is it about attention, though you do have to be something of an exhibitionist to be a performer. It is about wanting to make others smile and feel good, or just to invoke other people to feel anything the human beast is really nub to so much now. It is about becoming a character and escaping yourself and the real world for a time. It is about sharing and making connections in ways very few can. It can be about the art, wanting to enhance and push the envelope and share that passion and drive with others. It is about creating, taking something I have already done and pushing it further, presenting it differently, challenging my imagination to create something magical for myself and opening up to let others feel that magic as well. It is about pushing what I feel are my personal limitations and challenging my own fears and moving past them (I suffer terrible stage fright, even after so long). It is about self expression and release. Performing is a validation of my eccentricities that I would normally be shunned for but am instead embraced for.And the fact that I make money at something so challenging and frustrating and fun is just really amazing!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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Posted:Thanks for jogging my memory...random searching uncovered a related article recently. It might have been mentioned before, but it does link to Home of Poi so I thought I'd mention it:"Some Like It Hot"