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blue_flameBRONZE Member
33 posts
Location: Amherst, Massachusetts, USA

Hey all- This is not related to Poi at all but still amazing and wondering if anyone else experianced what I did last night. I live in massachusetts and there were AMAZING shooting stars last night from about 2-5 AM, by far the best I have ever seen. They had long trails and many colors, they were just incredible. I hope someone else saw them too they aren't supposed to be this good for another 40 years or something. I hope some other people layed out and saw them too it was really incredible, at the peak time there were like 5 every 3 seconds, I'm not exagerating! Just thought I'd share, stars are great!
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ChrisP.S. (I did swing poi's too so I guess it's Poi related
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Cassandra 4,224 posts
Location: Back in Paris... for now !

Yes, I heard that saturday night was supposed to be *the* night for meteor showers. Someone here will probably be able to give better and more scientific explanation than that though. Vanize ? Unfortunately I could not see any from France
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Shooting stars are just one of the most beautiful and magic thing in the world...shine onCassandra

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Insatiable fire-faerie (Angie)BRONZE Member
150 posts
Location: Dunoon, Argyll, Scotland,U.K

Shooting stars, shooting stars yaaaaaay!!!!I have seen, over the last few nights (by pure chance), more shooting stars than I can remember seeing in ages. There must be something going on up there!Tonight I was driving from the N.East of England back home to Scotland , when there came a massive shreek of excitement from behind me. My seven year old son, Jack, had seen his very first shooting star!....It was lovely. I stopped the car and we got out to look up at the stars as he made his wish. A very special, beautiful moment.I hope you made a wish too Blue-flame
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Angie x

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Peregrine 428 posts
Location: Mystic, Ct. USA

yes i saw them last night too from 4 to 5 am there were about a 1,200 an hour visible from here they say. went out on the beach and they really did look like a shower. there were some really big ones, some long lasting bright ones, some green and red and orange ones, and it was really kickass.this was the Leonid meteor shower, happens when earth passes through a debris cloud from a comet. this is the last big one for 35 (?) years when the comet will return again. Its so named because the shooting stars (meteorites) appear to originate from the constellation leo...sort of like driving into a snowstorm effect. it will happen this time next year but there will be a full moon (last night there was no moon) so it won't be as spectacular.this was good, I have gone out for this a few times in the last couple of years and it was always cloudy and/or full moon and we never saw more than a couple shooting stars. and now i must go to bed for getting up so early to see it!Peregrine

AnonymousPLATINUM Member

I went out last night too...I saw many meteors, mostly one by one, but at times there were up to three trails in the sky at once
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the most colourful trails I've ever seen...Really bright irredescent green with a white head was the most memorable...streaking across 30% of my visual range, in one dead straight line...
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nice.getting up this morning for work...not nice. I'll be a deadman before I would choose to sleep through something like that tho.Josh

Whiffle Squeek 416 posts
Location: Hartford, CT USA

Yeah, it was one of the most amazing things ive ever seen, probably the best meteor shower ive seen, just incredible, and it oculdnt havebeen a betternight for it, no moon, no clouds, absolutely amazing, i saw one incredibly long one, that left a greenish tail, but the head was bright orange, and you could almost see flame on it, it was incredible, well worth waking up early and enduring the cold, it was awesome:gazes into sky with wonder:

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flash fireBRONZE Member
Sporadically Prodigal
2,758 posts
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

I'm very upset that I didn't get to see this spectacle! I've been looking forward to it for weeks, but last night was wet, windy and unseasonably disgusting...will just have to watch it on the news tonight!lucky all you who got to see it
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krystie 22 posts
Location: Saratoga, CA, USA

Here's a site that explains a bit about it: anyone see anything like this? didn't see any exploding meteors, but it was still an awesome shower. btw, the 2nd link is to a daily picture, if you look there and it's gone, here's the url of the actual image:

Bendy 750 posts
Location: Adelaide, SA, Australia

I was cramming for an exam (that I think I did really well in) So I went and checked around 3:15 - it was pretty cloudy and I couldn't see jack
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I went to bed.

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earthdreamer 116 posts
Location: NSW, Australia

they say the size of the matter that makes the beautiful trails of colour are the size of a grain of salt to just bigger than a pea...A-mazing!!we had a storm, i missed it...baa boww.
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Peregrine 428 posts
Location: Mystic, Ct. USA

i didnt see one do that the other night, but I have seen a meteor streak across the sky and break up and explode at the end quite spectacularly a few years ago while camping in the Blue Mountains (australia). It was one of those light up the sky ones.still counts as the coolest shooting star i've seen, despite this weekend, and I was camped by myself so as far as i know, no one else saw it...Pere

Teine 74 posts
Location: Asheville, NC

yeah, i watched them for about half an hour starting at 3 am. found a not-so-crowded overlook near Mt. Mitchell up here in the Appalachians. pretty....------------------"life begins between the night and the light."

life begins between the night and the light.

***peteSILVER Member
38 posts
Location: melbourne, victoria, australia

i tryed to stay awake but at about 1.30 i decided to sleep because i had an exam at 8.45 that morning. so i am anoyed that i missed it.

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