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Posted:hey all, i haven't been on the forums for awhile (maybe since home of poi was at, for those of you old enough to remember that! smile ), but i was planning on doing some travelling soon. Chicago's just TOO cold right now, so it's time to start adventuring again. But i'm torn between two continents that i've been fantasizing about checking out: Central/South America or Asia(mostly but not limited to SouthEast). Was just wondering if anyone knew much about the spinning communities in those places...obviously hoping to do a lot of fire play while on the road. I've heard places like THailand have lots of kids doing fire on the beaches...any thoughts? anybody been around there lately? what about central/south america? id love to hook up with you guys and play! The research i've done seems to imply much of southeast asia can be done for less than 10 USD a day, whereas SOuth america is closer to 20 or 30 USD a day....any thoughts on this?

hope to hear from you guys soon....

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Posted:I d recall someone being from brazil but then i could just be making things up again...why not try the search, good luck biggrin

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