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Hey does anybody know what I have to do to get a animated avatar??? I want to my matrix avatar to have the code falling.

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I think it is as easy as using an animated .gif of the appropriate size.


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Hey Stebbins. Is your name Stebbins because of the character in the Stephen King book "The Long Walk"?

- Asharat.

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on the subject of avators, i have found a pic that i want to use but cant for the life of me work out how to make it ne smaller. It is 8230 bytes and when i tried to input it it said that the file size could be no bigger then 7000 my question is, am i able to send it to someone, and out of of teh goodness in your heart are u able to fix it up for a dumb arse computer illiterate goose?

cheers beerchug

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Can anyone tell me how to get an avatar at all. I've found the picture I want but can't for the life of me work out how to use it.

I should probably add that I don't understand computers and they hate me, often refusing to perform simple tasks because I am using them!!!

I now have a blank space with a little red cross in it where my avatar should be, please please please can somebody who understands computers help me??

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flidflidBRONZE Member
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you've tried uploading a photo that doesn't exist, the one that's there has a size of zero bytes. Gimmie a link to the picture and i'll tell you how to do it ubbrollsmile

margitamargitaSILVER Member
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does anyone know where i could find an animated avatar? and how the hell do i shrink it to fit on hop? i don't have photoshop or any other useful programs like that...


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I found a picture i would like as an avator, but i too just have a red cross. frown Ummm, i know someone else has asked, but do you think someone could let me know how to fix it? I know the picture exists, when i type the address into that little white box i go to it, so is it too big or something?
Mayhaps a list of instructions exists somewhere that shows how to go from searching an image, say on google, to having it as your avator? Then, again, i may be so off track... i'm such a dumba$$! spank spank
If anyone finds the time i will be eternally grateful kiss.

Thank you soooo much.

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if you are truly in need, plz email with the URL of the image you want as an avatar, animated or not.
it'll be better if you can attach said image to the email, but meh.
smile hug

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Tao StarTao StarPooh-Bah
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or try right clicking on the pic and choosing properties. Where it say address, highlight and copy it and paste it in to the address box on your home screen. That might sort it out if the address is wrong.

Just a thought anyway.

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Bender_the_OffenderBender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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just make sure you gets the permission to use the link or they may say naughty things about yoo like 'caber tosser' or 'bandwidth theft'

i deny any relations with that caber...

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pricklyleafpricklyleafSILVER Member
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So where can you actually find an animation- any ideas?

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where i got mine.. *nods* true story.. They have loads of avatars there... some animated... some not. Enjoy!

-edit- 4got 2 mention this, but u cannot link the pic direct. u have to upload it becos the image url changes evry night at midnight to avoid peeps from "stealing" bandwidth...
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