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Posted:ths ones for all of us who only have a basic concept of computer languages.

how do we add avatars from URLs? where does the file have to be located for the site to load it?

how can we put pictures in threads without addig links to other pages?

i sure other have other q's, so ask!

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Posted:alright im not sure if i get ur question right but im going to answer it anway, whether u want to or not. wink
basically to add avatars you have to find urself one( there are hundreds of sites for avatars) then u right click the avatar and go to properties then you copy the URL into your HOP profile line for avatars.

same thing goes for pics. when you are writing your post click on image in the "instant UBB code" section right next to the smileys. then u right click the pic u want to post. Go to properties and copy the URL into the line that has popped up in the HOP window.
I just woke up so im not sure if i am making sense.
but thats how i do it.
i hope i helped you
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Posted:you should have looked (has an idea...)


I wonder if that worked...?