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Posted:Everyday I get people who write to at least one of my three email accounts wanting to know how to do things or wanting information because they are writing papers, etc....I ***never*** hear back to find out if I actually helped at all, and because I don't really keep track I can't email everyone personally (though one I remember specifically is Bec asking about Bola's).There has also been at least three people on this board who have asked for info because they were writing papers. Sooooooo, how did these papers and theatrical things turn out?Any chance we will ever get to see them?
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Posted:*guesses that he was one*I'm not quite done with mine yet, mainly I'm still awaiting pictures to be developed. Hopefully I'll have some time to complete my portfolio this week. As soon as I do, you'll be the first person to receive a copy. (:CRD



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