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Ignis Devoco

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Posted:What is the easiest and most cost effective way to make your video's accessible to everyone???If you know the answer..please be detailed in "How to"...will forward it on to my husband AKA webmonkey so he can make the appropriate changes.Would like for people to see them...Thank you------------------

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Posted:hey - mostly the problems I've seen have arisen because ppl have used the latest codecs when compressing their video. This means that the user has to have downloaded and installed the latest player plugin to view these movies...of course, most users arent the kind of ppl who run all over the net looking for the latest codecs, and so you have a problem.All I can suggest is that you use something older, or more widely installed. My favourite is Quicktime 4. It still can support streaming, has good compression and a good install base. real media has a problem, in that a lot of ppl surf using corporate connections, and a lot of the time, streaming Real media is blocked my the corp firewalls...Also - if you are using Dreamweaver to build your site, you can download a free extension to handle all the Quicktime embed code.The bottom line is, you have to weigh up between using better technology with the number of ppl you would like to be able to view your movie.Josh