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old hand
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Posted:Just uploaded another video

'split time outwards 180 release with 360 tap back'


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Lambretta Fanatic

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starring Skippy the green llama
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Posted:sikness...keep em comin

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Posted:hell yeah, somebody that does something in a format where i can actually see something come onto the face of this box thingy! wipes tear from eye
now maybe you can help me figure out what all these crazy londoner people in here are typing about. ummmm, could you just show me the weave really fast?
anyways, yeah, keep em comin'! come on, how about some behind the back isolated passes where the wick goes over the shoulder and the chain carresses around the back of your neck? cracks a whip

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The Ministry of Manipulation
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Almost makes me wanna ditch my wrist loops.


Location: Philadelphia, PA - USA
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Posted:Awesome, Poi.

Cant wait to get these down as they look super sweet. This can actually be a revolution in poi as you can make whole routines with these tosses. While playing around with them, I learnt a weave toss along these lines. Has lots of potential. Just gotta get the left hand workin ><

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King Of Bongo
King Of Bongo

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Posted:i like loads!
nice one!

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Magical Sock Dancer
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Posted:Oddly I was playing around with stuff like this earlier. With much less skill. smile Great little video.


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Posted:dont work