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Posted:Capturing still images from .mpg or .avi for that matter - how do you do it?

I know how to capture stills directly from the dv camera, but unfortunately I taped over the footage. I captured it as raw .avi and was wondering how I might get some stills out of this.

Any ideas?

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Posted:I'm using the software that came with the Dazzle Video Capture Device, and it has a "snapshot from video clip" function on it, but I'm not sure we're using the same capture stuff or not. I will check on it with my associates and see what I can dig up for ya

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Posted:there are heaps of options
-direct snapshot on the camera
-direct streaming from camera via pc link
-conversion to numbered stills

..but the easiest (whenver available) is to use a snapshot program like Hypersnap DX that is capable of capturing the DirectX layer method that Windows based video playback software prefer to use these days.

If you try to do a normal [Prnt Scrn] button, you;'ll just gat a key colour (usually black) where your footage's still should be. that's the key colour the DirectX uses as a layer to render the motion.

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