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Posted:I don't think the people in these videos post here and I couldn't find the thread where their stuff was originally posted, but these videos are definatly a must see, especially the compilation vid.

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Posted:WOW...i like....time to lern the wraps MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Hey nice vid bro...i like it alot


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Posted:yeah, thats sites been around for some time now.

if you download a video called:Spin Cities 3/19/01 (MPEG, 37 Mb) it features old school HoP dude called Bassman on his powerskips.

check out docs own site the glass lab he makes the sweetest videos.


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Posted:MY GOOOD!!!!! wow, those wraps are incredible!!! i gues i've underestimated the power of wraps... as soon as i am done with the exams i'll start practising... i promise

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Posted:Im bumping this thread on account of how sick the Chicago Glowstring 2002 video is.

Its awesome.




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Posted:some very nice stuff

i always love seeing glowstringing videos, i just love the wraps soooooooo much

and the accuracy of some of them, very nice

and pk thanks for sharing the site, i havent seen many yo yo sites around

I like Languages.

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I'm Kael, a student of Myron and Wes from that first video.
My own wrapping vid while I was still living in Chicago-
Wes does post on HoP rarely. His name is Mixinluv2u.

For more videos like this, hit us up at, where wes, wil, scooch, myron, and I post and check out our glowstringing/poi media center.

Thanks for the complements all. wink

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Posted:hahahaa. ur sig is so funny. this is twazn from gsc.

all those drags crossdressers in thailand. lol


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Posted:Written by: nate
i havent seen many yo yo sites around

Haha! I don't wanna sound like I'm busting on you, because obviously it is easy to miss things when you don't know where to look. But it is still funny just because the number of yo-yo videos is totally crazy, especially in the last couple of years. smile I can barely keep up with them lately.

The best place to look for new yo-yo videos right now is this site, which is blog-ish listing of new stuff. Almost 15 videos listed in last week or so:

Was glad to see this stuff pop up in a thread. Doc Pop and Glasseye's sites are both great, and good people to boot.

And Kael and Wes and all of you are very inspirational for glowstringing. smile



P.S. In the East Japan videos at the top of the, check out Hiraku Fujii's freestyle. He usually has a lot of poi-ish moves like hyperloops and wraps in his freestyles.

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Posted:Ah yes... kael... you beat me to it! Anyways.... check out some of the vids on gs.c Glowstringing has been evolving alot latly! ^_^


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Posted:hey all it's wes from the video. =) wow! i'm flattered to see those super old videos (2002) i edited are still inspiring people.

much like kael and couple other said, if you like these please come to and check out the media center. there's much more where that came from. we are very open minded and would like your comments and difference in perspective.


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Posted:just want to second the motion, you guys are inspiring.

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there's some pretty special moves goin' on at gs.c.

I agree - inspiring.

Jo. smile

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Posted:gotta chime in on the chorus of "wow" guys rock! i can't believe what that dude will was doing...after only stringing for three months!! damn!

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Posted:yay, go students of wes and will (kind if me i guess) i didnt know alex posted here. wow anyway yea, good to see this many fellow gs.c'ers here

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Posted:i keep putting off learning wraps. i don't know why.... i need to go learn them


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