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Posted:Monday I had a glows competition... I lose, and a pal that was better than me lose.... cause the judge were the public.... and the most cheers wins.... now.. i lose 'cause i was nervous...when I was down, my anger and my frustation consumed me, but... it also gave me the strenght to keep me goinng and at that same time I opened my mind and learned 3 new moves, my moves "signature moves"....Now, have any of you experience loss and stand up again and get harder, better, faster, stronger? Inspiration for new stuffs?Peace to all =)------------------[- y.a.s.h.i.r.o. -]

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Posted:Seeing twirlers of a high standard has always caused me to improve...My single fastest increase in skills came during and after my trip to the states....where I was exposed to some rockin spinning....Josh



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Posted:ug... the judges were the public?heh, just spin fast and do a lot of jumping moves
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