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Ignis Devoco

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Posted:I noticed I tried posting some stuff under my regular first name and could not unless I registered..Why are you making everyone register now??DoniaIgnis Devoco Industrial Fire"Where there is sorrow, I seek the flame."Rumi

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Posted:Itsgottab was really angry about having to register. Ironic really cos it was mostly his fault biggrin

Happy days.

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Posted:Oh I want to say that I am not, nor ever was I ever, ItsgottaB

Im pretty sure i meet him awhile back and IRL he was actually a really cool dude and a good spinner beerchug grouphug weavesmiley

Guess the internet can be like that or im totally wrong ubblol


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Posted:i had longer hair back then
:howls at moon:

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Posted:i don't see the problem with registering... it cut out a lot of crap... people can only be arsed to register if they wanna learn and stuff. smile

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Posted:hah, I laugh at this dude.

It's not as if the computer is scanning your ruddy retina everytime you log on..



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Posted:Written by: SNOOPoi

people can only be arsed to register if they wanna learn and stuff. smile

Not strictly true. If you look at the "Who's online" section, you see a lot of anon. users checking out move threads and the free lessons shrug

As for retina scanning, I know lotsa people (my stepdad one of them) who are totaly paranoid about cookies (sorta like an online fingerprint), and forumns tend to run on those...

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Posted:But at the same time, the forum has to work somehow. I guess the choice was keep using the forum and brave a cookie (gasp) or stop using the forum. For one thing, this is a commercial website, not an online cyber-commune thingummy. Malcom has to keep it nice because it's part of his commercial enterprise. And for another, so far the vast majority support this move. So yeah, however you want to think of it, the people who were "put out" by this move had only their interests at heart, not the interests of this community as a whole. So tongue to them.

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