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Posted:This is just a reminder to everyone taking part in the discussions in the War Topics boards... please try to remember that the arguments that start in here should end in here. I'm noticing some parties who disagree on these topics are starting to show some friction in the other forums (Social, Moves, etc.) and, quite frankly, to do so is childish and irrational. Just because we may disagree on politics doesn't mean we can't keep HoP as friendly as it ever was.

When we allow those disagreements and frustrations to color our opinions of other people it hurts the whole community. Just because one person disagrees with you over war, it doesn't mean that you should attack them in the Social discussions, or talk trash about their move/video/unrelated opinion they just posted, etc.

Everyone, please remember why these topics were set aside in the first place - to allow us to discuss, argue, bicker, and resolve our differences in opinion without it intruding into the other forums.

What hits the fan is not evenly distributed.

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