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My folks are paranoid survivalist religious types, and they subscribe to all sorts of conspiracy-theory publications, which sparked my curiosity as to whather anyone else on these boards feels that the current military and political situations have any religious significance? Stuff is going on over in Israel, etc, and some believe that it's some kind of foretold prophecy taking shape - what're your thoughts?

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indeed! i think we should cause an uprising and start a campaign for the correct kind of armageddon!! perhaps bringing it on early will help?? maybe i'll start spreading vicious rumours in heaven and hell, get 'em all worked up a bit....

well i told satan that god said his mama had a fat bum, then i called him beezlebub (he hates that....) and blew a raspberry.
I told god that satan had pinched his chocolate bar and was in the process of melting it with the firey flames of hell all over the pearly gates, and that also satan has been spreading rumours throughout hell about the "true" nature of his relationship with the holy ghost...
I also dropped pestilence a line, and he's gathering the plaguers ready for action. but DEATH has gone on holiday for a couple of weeks in Cyprus, so i left a message...
Crack open the absinthe folks, the apocalyptic cogs are in motion!!!

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