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The following story is taken from The Story Giant by Brian Patten.

A soldier returning home alone from a great battle found a monster blocking his path. It wasn't much of a monster. In fact it was quite pathetic. It was small, its claws were blunt, and most of its teeth were missing. The soldier had won all the battles he had ever been in and was considered something of a hero.
He decided he would deal with the rather feeble-looking monster there and then.
He had run out of bullets, so using his rifle as a club he brought the creature to the ground with a single blow. Then he stepped over it and continued along the path. Within minutes the monster was in front of him again, only now it looked slightly larger and its teeth and claws were a bit sharper.
Once again he hit the monster, but this time it took several blows to bring it down. Again he stepped over it, and again, a few minutes later, the monster appeared before him, bigger than ever.
The third time, no matter how much he hit the monster it would not go down. It grew larger and more ferocious with each blow the soldier aimed at it. Defeated, the soldier fled back down the path, with the monster chasing after him. Yet by the time it arrived at the spot where he'd first seen it, the monster had returned to its original size.
When another traveller appeared on the path the soldier stopped him and warned him of what had happened.
'Maybe we can fight it together,' he suggested, 'then we will overcome it.'
'Let's just leave the feeble little thing where it is' said the traveller. 'If you pick a quarrel with something unpleasant when you don't really have to, then it simply grows more unpleasant. Let's just leave it alone.'
And so they did. They walked around the toothless little monster and continued unhindered along the path.

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Brian Patten for President!

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King Of Bongo 522 posts
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I like ur little story my dear!

then again- if you dont tackle the things that are wrong they may fester and grow behind you're back and the next thing you know... its a big invincible nasty monster all the same!

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I know a story too, I am not a good writer but I will do the best I can.

On a nice pleasent farm in a beutifull country there lived a house mouse. Every day he scourried to and fro doing as he pleased.

One day to his horror he saw the master of the house put down a mouse trap!

The poor little mouse ran out into the yard and up to the chicken.

"Help, help!" He cried "There is a mouse trap in the house!"

The Chicken responded "I do not go into the house, it does not concern me."

Then the little mouse ran to the pig, and again he cried for help.

The pig simply replied "Sorry little guy, a mouse trap doesnt bother me."

Then the mouse ran up to the cow, in a frantic terror he told the cow of the trap.

The cow laughed at the mouse and told him that no mouse trap would ever effect a cow!

Late that night the mouse trap went SNAP!! The lady of the house got up and went to see what it had cought. To her suprise it was a viper! The viper bit the lady, and later that day she died.

The mans brother came to see him and offer his condolences the man invited him to stay for dinner and to aid him in his grief.

The man went outside with his axe and butcherd the chicken and prepared it for dinner.

The next day the lady's family came to the little farm and once again the man took out his axe and slaughterd the pig to feed the family.

The day of the funeral came and once again food was needed for many mouths. The man took out his axe and butcherd the cow.

The moral of the story, Though we may think ourselves big, something very small can effect us all.

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KatBRONZE Member
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Hi Ray, I liked your story very much indeed. I do agree with you, apathy and sitting back and doing nothing are just as bad as I remember back in 1998 emailing petitions regarding Afghanistan and a friend lent me an article about the US and Taliban connections. That is definitely a case of the viper and

I know your views on the war in Iraq, mine differ and I think it would take a major swing for either of us to change our opinions. I was of the view that this war would breed more hatred, and well I think events are showing that unfortunately is the case. I hope that the new administration can help restore peace and order but only time will tell.

Anyhow I have another wee story for you, with a far - ahem - lighter moral at the end! Enjoy!

The Chicken and the Horse

A chicken and a horse lived on a farm togther and were firm friends, and often played together.

One day the horse was galloping along and started sinking into a bog. The horse called to the chicken to get the farmer to come help.

The chicken ran to the farmhouse as quickly as possible but the farmhouse was locked and the tractor was gone. The chicken despaired for a moment and then spied the farmers new Z3 series BMW. The chicken found a length of rope, hopped inside and sped off, hoping he was in time to save his friends life.

Back at the bog, the horse was sinking fast and was surprised and relieved to see the chicken arrive in the car. The chicken tied the rope to the back of the car, tossed the rope to the horse and drove forward, pulling the horse free of the bog. The horse thanked his friend profusely and the chicken drove the car back to the farm, happy and proud that his driving the powerful car had saved his friend the horse.

A few weeks later, the chicken was walking through the shed were the cows were kept when the chicken fell through a broken slat into the slurry and called to his friend the horse. The horse thought for a moment, straddled the broken slat and told the chicken to grab his long and danglys. The chicken held on and the horse raised his little friend the chicken to safety.

Moral of the story: When you're hung like a horse you don't need a BMW to pick up chicks

Come faeries, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame.

- W B Yeats