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Posted:Heh, fooled you!

I'm sure some one was thinking I'd changed my views on the war, but no, no such luck.

Rather, "I Was Wrong" is the title of a rather fascinating and moving article I found whilst skipping about Usenet.

It reccounts the experiences of an Assyrian Christian minister born and raised in Japan who recently visited Baghdad in order to spread peace, protest the war, etc etc etc. Needless to say, what he came across while there drastically changed his opinion about the war.

Read for yourself (warning, I'm heartless and evil- according to some people- and I got a little teary eyed)

"I Was Wrong" by, Ken Joseph Jr.

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Posted:Indeed the Assyrian Christians seems to have had it bad for quite some time. Indeed the Iraqi's themselves seem to have been murdering them since 1933. Pight of the Assyrians.

The US has backed Iraq since then hasn't it? Given them weapons of mass destruction even though they know who they were giving it to. In fact it goes on to say that a few more countries have been mudering 'em too....Turkey, Syria and Iran. I don't doubt that Saddam is terrible, he wanted to kill his own son at one stage until his generals begged him not to.

The bottom line is that the Iraqi people won't be liberated (and I believe they will be) because Saddam is a bad man and the US government nice people. It's just a pleasant coincidence and in a strange way I am glad for the Iraqi people.

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Posted:the people running around San Francisco, protesting the war, and eating their $20 hamburgers, and drinking $3 bottles of water need to shut the !@#$%^&* up and take a reality check. Untill they spend some tme in Iraq, suffering along side the iraqis, they have no right to say the iraqis don't need to be freed.

I have felt this for a long time, even befor reading these articles.

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