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Are you against the war in afghanistan, and against war in general?Well, I would like your help. please send an email to if you would like to contribute to an antiwar effort.thanks.------------------~whoosh whoosh whoosh~

~whoosh whoosh whoosh~

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I do not have any 'deep' thoughts on war i just don't like it and i think that it's crap and is usually started by people not respecting other peoples existance. Fuck it all. as for a solution i really cannot think of on to any of the major fueds and wars going on at the mo' but to nbe honest i think most wars can't remember what they're fighting about anyway.

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You cant get rid of war I am sorry to say that. I have great job security, man will always be greedy and always want what someone else has either physical stuff or the emotional. Because of that we will always have war.

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There's an entire forum discussing the war. You should go and look for it if you want to discuss stuff of this nature I think.


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very interesting one to revisit. (t'anks poiaholic) .

*remembers with nostalgia the overwhelming desire to beat a certain marine's head against a brick wall during endless discussions about global conflict*

Adding another line on here. War has happened, what comes next? It is painfully obvious that the decision has been made to remove the current Iraqi regime entirely. What do people believe will replace it?

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The war is always a war, and it must be stopped either at any corner of the world and war is not a good thing and it harms many lives and also cause damage to society.

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