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His Holiness the Dalai Lama's views on war and Iraq conflict

The following is the English translation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's views on war and Iraq conflict shared with Buddhist devotees and others on the first day of the Great Prayer Festival

11 March 2003, in Dharamsala

The Iraq issue is becoming very critical now. War, or the kind of organized fighting, is something that came with the development of human civilization. It seems to have become part and parcel of human history or human temperament. At the same time, the world is changing dramatically. We have seen that we cannot solve human problems by fighting. Problems resulting from differences in opinion must be resolved through the gradual process of dialogue. Undoubtedly, wars produce victors and losers; but only temporarily. Victory or defeat resulting from wars cannot be long-lasting. Secondly, our world has become so interdependent that the defeat of one country must impact the rest of the word, or cause all of us to suffer losses either directly or indirectly.

Today, the world is so small and so interdependent that the concept of war has become anachronistic, an outmoded approach. As a rule, we always talk about reform and changes. Among the old traditions, there are many aspects that are either ill-suited to our present reality or are counterproductive due to their shortsightedness. These, we have consigned to the dustbin of history. War too should be relegated to the dustbin of history.

Unfortunately, although we are in the 21st century, we still have not been able to get rid of the habit of our older generations. I am talking about the belief or confidence that we can solve our problems with arms. It is because of this notion that the world continues to be dogged by all kinds of problems.

But what can we do? What can we do when big powers have already made up their minds? All we can do is to pray for a gradual end to the tradition of wars. Of course, the militaristic tradition may not end easily. But, let us think of this. If there were bloodshed, people in positions of power, or those who are responsible, will find safe places; they will escape the consequent hardship. They will find safety for themselves, one way or the other. But what about the poor people, the defenseless people, the children, the old and infirm. They are the ones who will have to bear the brunt of devastation. When weapons are fired, the result will be death and destruction. Weapons will not discriminate between the innocent and guilty. A missile, once fired, will show no respect to the innocent, poor, defenseless, or those worthy of compassion. Therefore, the real losers will be the poor and defenseless, ones who are completely innocent, and those who lead a hand-to-mouth existence.

On the positive side, we now have people volunteer medical care, aid, and other humanitarian assistance in war-torn regions. This is a heart-winning development of the modern age.

Okay, now, let us pray that there be no war at all, if possible. However, if a war does break out, let us pray that there be a minimum bloodshed and hardship. I don't know whether our prayers will be of any practical help. But this is all we can do for the moment.

Translated and issued by:
The Department of Information and International Relations
Central Tibetan Administration
Dharamsala INDIA

note: this may or may not coincide with what Arashi believes.

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That's really interesting to read, thanks for putting it on.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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i guess we must be the change that we want to see in the world.

does this involve the wearing of underwear?

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Arashi thanks.
good one.
He's right isnt he that Lama dude.

Thats pretty much what I've been trying to think recently, it just took his holyness the dalai Lama to put it into words.

And bender, don't change one bit, we love you just the way you are

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Aint that strange, none of the war mongers have replied to this.

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Actually this warmonger did reply.

I wrote a post mentioning how the drawback of solving problems through the gradual process of dialogue is how gradual it can become. When both parties reach a point beyond which they cannot agree, then problems can take decades or much longer to resolve. And when many people are already dying as a result of the problem, a quicker solution is sometimes required.

Then I deleted it right afterwards, because I didn't fancy getting into an argument with the Dalai Lama

EDIT: I assume you're just teasing when you label all those who think that the current military action may be justified as "War Mongers". Aren't you? It's a bit like calling everyone opposed to it "Tree Huggers".

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just thinkin about this post again and decided to bump it

-Such a price the gods exact for song: to become what we sing
-Seek freedom and become captive of your desires. Seek discipline and find your liberty.
-When the center of the storm does not move, you are in its path.

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Dalai who?

Wise words well said. But, surely even Mr Lama himself does not condone the wearing of underwear

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sounds like a conciencious and troubled soul trying to lead his people in the best way possible. 3 cheers for him.

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)Enter a "Title" here:
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There is a difference between warmongering and knowing when talk has faild and the only other option is action.

The Dalai Lama is right, but he is also wrong.

Talk only gets you so far. When that fails, then what do you do? You must decide, will waiting to talk again save or cost more lives then direct action?

In this case I think that it saved lives.

Why do I think that? Because in 1995 200,000 Kurds died, because in past years medical supplies had been witheld, not by the US but by Saddam. Because the people in power in Iraq, lived on atleast 3 meals a day while the majority of their people got 1 if any. Saddam had what 13 palaces? While his people lived in shacks.

Waiting to talk would only prolong their suffering.

Yes some innocents did die, I do believe many more would have if Saddam was still in power.

Life is full of hard choices, sometimes you get stuck with only two options and then you must take the lesser of two evils. I think in the case of the war in Iraq that both optoins were bad, but one was worse than the other. And the lesser was taken.

People died, but many more will live because of it.

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