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Posted:I was just wondering how most people get fire gigs - i've been spinning about 4 years and i've had a few gigs but all of them have been by chance really.

do you advertise? and what kind of places have paid fire spinners?


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werner of infire

werner of infire

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Posted:hi marf,
of course some advertising is necessary (some nice calling card with a picture, webpage with informations, some printed information with pictures, flyers, demovideo) to promote your performances. talk to people, event-organizers, agencies, ...
whenever you perform you can give calling cards to interested people. take care of security and environment whenever you perform. offer some programm for your performances (eg 15 minutes fireshow or blackligthshow, requirements: space, some drinks, bathroom, ... and of course a fair price)
we perform on birthday-parties, weddings, shop openings, events, goa-parties, festivals, ...
here in Austria we perform medial two times a week.

good luck to you and fiery greetings



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Posted:get an agent or two - the kind that work with entertainment and wedding planners and the like. They take some percentage of your money from each gig they book, and make you hand out their card instead of your own when you are performing at a gig they arranged, but they will get you loads more gigs than you can drum up yourself.

also doing TV appearances (my group back in Houston did a couple) will help, though not as much as the agents.

Making an arrangement with a DJ that regularly hires out is also effective. Just make a deal with him that you will mention to whoever hires you that you can get a DJ to come to for a 'special price' as part of the deal, and have the DJ say the same - "I can get these really cool fire dancers to come if you like, and since they know me, they'll do it for a special price!"

Never mind that that 'special price' is your normal fee...


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