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Necrus 113 posts
Location: Greece/Athens

Well,being a newbie makes feel like asking for instructions!!!

I want to light up my poi for the first time and I've many reasons of being anxious about it...
I know what kind of fuel to use(Greek Parafine)but I don't know how to put the fuel on the wicks so that I can fire it up...Actually,I'm also afraid of burning my hair ,but I'll just have to wet them and tie them up...I'd appreciate any kind of advice and information,even the most'll be my first time and I don't want it to be....injuring

Thanks to anyone who minds giving me a hand of aid...

Metal Rulezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!

frostypaw 643 posts
Location: Tunbridge Wells, Kent

wear a hat/cap rather than wetting your hair - water turns to steam, whereas a firehead will just bounce off the fabric...

to prepare your wicks - soak them for a few hours in the parafin - it's arguable how much difference it makes presoaking them but can't do any harm

store your paraffin in a TIN... like a paint tin but with er... no paint in it. must be metal - and before each spin dunk them for 20 seconds, and make sure you spin them hard for a moment away from where you'll be lighting them to dispose of the excess fuel

then find somewhere away from flamable people and delicate things... and get out your lighter

when they've gone out dunk them immediately back into the fuel - the smoking is your wicks actually burning and dunking them again stops them from wearing out too fast.


Flower fairyBRONZE Member
98 posts
Location: London, United Kingdom

OOOOOOOOOOOH and Dont forget to have a friend there to act as a safety (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!!!)
with a fire blanket( or a thick woolen one ie. army blanket) and a bucket of water.
There are other things too so have a peep at the the fire safety section and do a search on it too before you start

Happy burnin

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DeimosBRONZE Member
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Location: Hfx, NS, Canada

Whenever you're burning, it is also essential to choose the right clothing. There a section on it here, but to sum it up it basically says that all natural fibers are the best since synthetic ones could melt to your skin and cause reeeeally bad burns! So tight(er) fitting non synthetic clothes, like jeans and a t-shirt.


CharlesBRONZE Member
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Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Um, Diemes.

Natural fibres of a loose weave are just as dangerous, they can catch light almost instantly and engulf you in flames.

Jeans are also dangerous if there are any rips or tears in them (ie loose weaves)

PLEASE DON'T SUM UP SAFETY INFORMATIION, you could be entirely responsible for someones death!

Better to provide a link so the information can be digested in full...

Fire Safety FAQ
Fire Clothing FAQ

Fuel FAQ


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