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Posted:The most dangerous stage of rave parties for ravers, medical personnel, and law enforcement officers is called "glowsticking." An individual with glowsticks is an raver who probably has not slept in 3-15 days and is irritable and paranoid. Glowsticks often behave or react violently and if a raver is using alcohol or another depressant, his negative feelings and associated dangers intensify. The raver craves more glowsticks, but no amount will help re-create the euphoric high, which causes frustration, and leads to unpredictability and potential for violence. A glowsticking raver can appear normal: pupils can be fully dialated, speech concise, and movements brisk. But a closer look will reveal the person's hands are moving ten times faster than normal, the voice has a slight quiver, and movements are quick and jerky. These physical signs are more difficult to identify if the raver is has attached the glowsticks to strings.When approaching or communicating with a person dancing with glowsticks your safety should be of prime importance.Approaching or communicating with a person dancing with glowsticksKeep a 7-10 ft. distance. Coming too close can be perceived as wanting a "light show". Do not shine bright lights at him. The raver is already paranoid and if blinded by a bright light he is likely to run or loose control of the glowsticks, possibly killing thousands. Slow your speech and lower the pitch of your voice. A glowsticking E-tard already hears sounds at a fast pace and in a high pitch. Slow your movements. This will decrease the odds that the raver will misinterpret your physical actions as dancing. Keep your hands visible. If you place your hands where the raver cannot see them, he might feel threatened and could become violent. Remember to wear a Level III or higher Bullet-resistant vest and plenty of eye protecting, in case one of the glowsticks comes flying straight at you. I know this goes really well with the disgruntled E-tard thread that is running, and you can move it if you like, but I felt it needed a place of it's own. Anyone who has visited Ithica's site would have probably already seen this. If not then you can check out the site at www.geocities.com/snackrelatedmishap and click on 'with frames'.PLUR(RE) ---J---
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:razz: Some of it is poking fun at some of the more easily mocked elements of the scene, because if we can't laugh at ourselves, then.... oh crap. There goes all my spinal fluid again. Gotta go find a towel.In Raverbonics:hA hA! thIS is a jokE..... hopE u pIckEd up oN thAt cos If U didN't thAt wOulDnT be vEry PLUR. <|;0p mUch LovE to aLL!!!!!!! [This message has been edited by glowshow (edited 02 November 2001).]

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Posted:Damn that's funny
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Yeah, you gota watch out for those paranoid glow stick spinners. Come too close and I guarantee I will thwack each and every one of you :P------------------'There is a fist pressing against anyone who thinks something compelling'

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Posted:They're all coming out of the woodwork now aren't they?

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Posted:that was pretty good...."S"

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P.S. I managed to get a pic on the net, it's as basic as it comes coz I'm pc illiterate, but will update soon.http:www.geocities.com/marlborored17/Marlborored17.html------------------"To seek the perfection of the warrior's spirit is the only task worthy of our temporariness, and our manhood" Carlos Castenada[This message has been edited by Marlboro (edited 03 November 2001).]

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Posted:M - that was you?I thought it was an echidna with little glowy eyes!
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Princess xx


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Posted:You may want to include the website you "cut and pasted" that from too...Busted.
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