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Posted:So my two good friends and I have been spinning almost religiously for over a year. We're all using fire, and we're pretty good.
I can't for the life of me get the hang of reverse weave! Everyone around me can do it, even a guy that has been spinning for a week! I've tried everything, I checked out the tips on HoP, and my friends have tried to teach me, but I just can't get it.
If anyone could give me any pointers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Posted:i learnt it the same way i learnt the weave...
start by doing backwards crossovers, then when they are comfortable, start trying a figure of eight (2 beat weave), then just progress onto the fully blown weave.

hope that helps,

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Posted:I learnt it by - i know this sounds silly but...

Do the forwards then turn 180 degrees without thinking and the poi automatically spin backwards.

Good Luck

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Posted:[EDIT] I was told this portion of my post was mean so I deleted it.

Anyway, visualize it in your head. Think about what the forward looks like, then reverse it. Once you can picture it in your head, give it a go with some practice poi and spin slowly. Just get your arms to do what you are thinking. Once you have the basic motion down, its only a little practice until you got it down pat. Also, turning into it from forward weave like Pink said is a good way to get ya started.

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Posted:well i cant give you advice more tan they have,
just i feel your pain!

ii got it a freak acciedent, windmill out got into rev realised i was in rev shat myself smashed the poi into my head, and have been able to do it no problem ever since

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Posted:Sorry but I gotta agree with pink on this one. Ive only been spinning for about 2 weeks now and I learnt on day 4 while messing about on the beach. Just turn into the reverse from the froward weave. Sorry this isnt much help.

P.S. Fire is SO crazy. I was doing a fountain and trid to link it to a windmill, I went wrong and I landed one of my wicks on my head. SIZZLE! Any way best of luck.

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Posted:Lazy, you've been spinning for 2 weeks and your onto fire already? Crazy, i was gonna wait aleast 1 or 2 months seeing as i spin every day.

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Posted:ive beewn wondering about fire, ive been spinning a month now now and am still wondering if im ready, however reading that the next chance i get im gonna give it a go!

about the reverse weave... i learnt it from a poi spinning book, starting by holding the right poi straight out and spinning the left poi in a circle backwards UNDER it then as it comes up spinning the right poi in a following circle and take it from there... honestly if you dont think about it too hard your hands just start doing it! At least thats what i found and how i taught a friend of mine.


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Posted:Two hours before i burned, am i bad? I feel that the longer you leave the burn the more it seems like something a lot bigger than it is. There is no-one on this earth who can not just spin forwards with fire poi. From there you get used to the noise Ah the noise ..... Then it is simply a case of being sucked into the hypnotic trance that is spinning your tricks. I'd say if a part of you is saying should i light up. Then your ready.


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Posted:ooh cool twist in thread from 'reverse weave'to 'when to do fire poi'!

As for reverse weave, I did it the same as oli, some people can just do it Pink Poi's way - very frustratingly! Just concentrate on getting your crossovers, then 2beat each way, then go full weave. Sorry to repeat oli's post!

As for fire, I've been at it a couple of months and really want to try but I just invested in some beaming poi (just as if not more dangerous!) so I can't scrape the mula together to buy a fire set. But yeah I can feel it inside me... do it.... do fire... now!!

I agree with tennis on the noise. I did fire devil stix and clubs and it rules!

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Posted:i was working on this last night ...

i could get the reverse weave from the stopped position mentioned above (from the book) but it was so ugly ... so i practiced it my whole walk home.

then at home i worked on the turns from forward to reverse (and back) and the most amazing thing happened ... the reverse weave following the forward weave looked much much nicer. maybe it is the example you set with the forward or something.

quick question .. the turn from reverse to forward ... after the sideways part should BOTH of my poi be going to the left side of my body? that is where they seem to want to go. but that isn't how it worked with the f2r turn. just wondering.




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Posted:I practiced reverse cross overs then started doing under, over, out like the free lessons say, it didn't feel as controlled as forward weave. Then I span forward weave and on the first down swing on one side turned 180 in that direction and the down swing became the upswing of reverse weave. Now I can spin round and round and get really dizzy going from reverse to forward to reverse to forward, apparently it looks good. Many thanks Pink Poi and Home Of Poi

So it's been a while since this was posted, have you learnt it yet?

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