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Posted:Ok, I've recently aquired some crutches that are looking very much like a staff to me. They don't rattle one bit either

I know there's the odd random mention of crutches round here but has anyone actually made a staff from them?

The only thing I need to figure out is how to join 'em in the middle once I've cut them. I'm thinking something of suitable diametre in the middle (though weary of having weight in the centre of the staff). Maybe welding them together . Loads of tape? Errr actually I guess I'm a little stuck.

Anyone got any ideas?

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Posted:Welding it should work perfectly, just make sure you have them perfectly aligned (clamp them first).


Posted:I've just been out and got a staff made in pretty much that way as crutches. And it spins fantastically!

The really cool thing is it extends from just under 3'6" to about 5'6"

If you were going to weld your staff you'd probably need to put a piece of metal (same as the crutch) pipe, an inch or so in length, to seat the join correctly and make sure you get a straight staff. It'll also make the join stronger, you don't want it to break the first time you drop it!

Also welding Aluminium (if they are aluminium??) is a real pain in the ass.
your supposed to do it in an Argon filled chamber, otherwise the join oxidises and is really weak...

Alternitavely, find some pipe the same diameter as the top of the crutch. You can then drill holes in the pipe to make the staff the length you want, and use the lower bits of the crutches as the "arms" of your staff. It'd be a lot stronger, and probably easier to make.

Hope that helps...