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cicatrix 32 posts
Location: Montreal

...but is there a thread on this site for people who aren't already mad good? I've been trying to do this stupid 3 beat weave that everyone in the world except me knows how to do and I'm practically in tears I'm so frustrated and I've been hit in the crotch so many times. I can do it without alternating hands but as soon as I try and bring my left hand under it all goes to shit.
I mean, I'm fascinated to read long technical discussions about reverse offset back to back thread the needle or what have you - really I am - but what I'm looking for is a nice long discussion of how to do e.g. a totally simple 3 beat weave or some other such stuff that you guys all seem to already know how to do.
I live in Montreal, rather than the UK or Australia, and there just aren't very many people who spin here. I mean, I'm trying to hook up, but as there are only 3 other people registered on this site as from Montreal it hasn't happened yet. Trying to teach yourself everything from scratch is very difficult, and perhaps I'm just not looking at the right threads, but everyone only seems to talk about stuff that's way over my head. I know that there are beginner videos etc, but as you all surely know it's really hard to learn something from 1 description plus crappy digital video (not talking about your skills, but rather my computer) If I had access to a whole bunch of different ways of telling how to do stuff, I think I'd have a better time with figuring it out. So if there are any places on this site or elsewhere, especially for beginners to get help with their basic basic moves please could you let me know?

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polythene 1,359 posts
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i learnt 3 beat weave from the 'free lessons' section of this site, from the video. Try one handed first, it really helps, and if you can do figure 8's, it helped me to think of it as trying tospin circles and sticking in a figure 8 to stop the poi tangling.

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Red_RaveNGOLD Member
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Umm... It IS rather hard to learn the damn 3bt... took me a serious hurricane of a brainstorm... I hope you know the names of tricks, if not then ask: o ) Try to do the crossover. then do a split-time crossover. Notice Your hands are crossed on one side of your body and then apart on the other. On the side they are crossed do wait a little longer before going over to the other, just for your hands to change positions(bottom hand goes top, top goes bottom) and then transfer... Now either you bring over to the o.s. and do the same there instinctively. Or you'll be doin' the s-t crossover again with the hands crossing on the other side. So do the same as on the first side. I hope this helps.

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ben-ja-menGOLD Member
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first off i just want to say take comfort in being a girl, im sure being hit in the crotch hurts and all but for guys it hurts sooooo much more. sitting there twirling away and all of a sudden bang, the world stops spinning and all you can do is collapse to the ground in a crumpled heap 15 minutes later and the resolution to never touch poi again has set in (until the next time anyway). my friend teaches poi in an aerobics class its quite funny to watch, the girls and all la dee da spin spin spin, the guys have a look of concentration and fear along with a slight pigeon toeing. that all aside

the weave/chase is basically doing a figure 8 in front of you with both hands following the same path with one hand slightly behind the other.

first do one hand in a figure 8 then do the other. then without the poi cross your hands on your right side with your right hand on top facing forwards and your left hand facing to the right. then move both hands over to the left side and the right hand goes down in a circle with the left hand chasing behind it and both hands continue along the figure 8 until they get back to the right hand side and cross up again then repeat.

its easiest to just fling yourself into the figure 8s with one hand ahead of the other (rather than trying to go from both hands swinging forward) from start and then keep going until u get it or a body hit.

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telic 940 posts

You said you can do it with alternating hands - does that mean you can do each hand's move alone? If not, start there.

Drop your left poi and practice with your right hand only. What you're trying to do is basically over-under-out (that should be pretty easy to visualize from the free lessons on this site, and if not, just ask!). Stick out your left arm. Spin your right poi forward on your right side, then over your left arm, then under your left arm, then back to your right side, then over again, etc. The poi is going on the same direction the whole time, you're just moving your hands around.

Next switch hands and practice only on the left. Same thing, over-under-out.

Once it feels natural on each side, you're ready to try both together. Start spinning forward, then move to split time (where one poi is at the top of its circle while the other is at the bottom, and vice-versa). Then just do what you've been doing with each hand individually. Lead with your dominant hand and your weak hand will follow.

When I finally managed it, the simple but elusive trick was - don't worry about your weak hand! Just train both hands separately, lead with your dominant, and your weak hand will simply take care of itself! I kept screwing up at first because I was trying to think about my weak hand and that got me confused.

It is hard to learn this one. It took someone helping me in person and telling me stop thinking about my left hand before it finally happened. But once you get it, it'll feel easy, don't worry.

As for beginner tricks in general - there may be threads on them. If not, ask. Everyone here is real nice, and will try to help you out if they can.

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Bender_the_OffenderGOLD Member
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has nice clear animations and instructions on not just the 3beat but also the moves you learn in the lead up to it too!

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axelarfBRONZE Member
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i feel your pain man, i just went thru it a couple months ago. the only thing that got me thru was figuring it out with non-poi objects.

i think i used big soup spoons while i was at work. i got the movements down in slow motion, then went to my car on my lunch break and had it cold before my 30 minutes were up. i think the problem was more in my head than my hands.

[Nx?]BRONZE Member
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Axe has hit it on the head, calm down and do it tomorow, as for teaching aids, try doing it with a staff first, the motion is the same and you will teach your arms the 'muscle memory'.

3 beat is actually the hardest bit to learn, took me ages to get forward and then even longer to get backward, just keep plugging at it and the breakthrough will come, and in the meantime, get a box.


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Dio 729 posts
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I find that with a lot of moves, you have to go through an "unlearning" process - like with the weave, your body is naturally used to doing things in symmetry (one-two-one-two) instead of in threes.

Clubs are a great help if you're trying to learn a poi move because you can feel the motion without worryign about tangles... so anything but hyperloops is ok to club first

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cicatrix 32 posts
Location: Montreal

wow, thanks--

reading this makes me think that maybe I've been doing 3 beat weave for a while without realising what I'm doing. I guess that the hardest part for me is that I haven't found too many people that I can manage to hook up with in person, so that's the big hurdle for me to jump.
I do still think that it would be nice to have an official 'beginner' thread somewhere on the boards where you can ask 'stupid' questions without feeling quite as silly because honestly a lot of the discussions on here can be a bit overwhelming if you're still e.g. learning the names of moves and so on

I feel better now, tho.


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