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Hey I just wanted to know what type of Glow Poi is good for doing wraps. Everyone I know thinks that Electroglo poi are, but a few others use beamers. I'm confused can someone help me!

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i think you can do wraps with any kind.... but i know that a lot of people who favour glowsticks-on-string develop styles with heavy emphasis on wraps.... give those a try?

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everything exept clubs, zuni (with big tails) can be a bit problematic too.


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people use beamers to wrap? what the hell? They are so heavy!! I've tried to do arm wraps and they just smash you. My guess is that Electroglows would be better for wrapping


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I do some wraps with beamers. No crazy stuff though, just mainly to change direction. I think the best thing to use for full wrap routines is just glowsticks on strings. They're quick and look the best IMO. Makes for fantasting wrap routines.

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