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I've got those I-cant-get-the-sqrews-through-the-new-kevlar-and-into-the-old-sqrew-holes blues. I've been trying for about a hour now and I'm getting really crabby. Is there any wise words of worldly wisdom for this poor boy, because he does'nt want to stab himself in the thumb with the sqrew driver again.

Wont you please, please, help me, help me, help meeeee.

Er... the beatles.

Come forth and thou shalt win enternal happiness. but he came fifth so he won an electric toatser.

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Location: Netherlands

hmmm 2 out of 3 aint bad.
Pity there's 6.

Smoke break.

Come forth and thou shalt win enternal happiness. but he came fifth so he won an electric toatser.

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get a NIN to poke a hole through the threads, make a physical tunnel to make it easier to for the screw to go in.
I generally use a drill bit first, then screw it in with s drill-phillipshead-screwdriver bit, but you really have to secure the wick/firetoy cus the drill's so fast you could end up slightly warping the kevlar folds if the drill bit snags on some kevlar (use a slow setting for the drilling!)
hope this helps!

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I use benders technique as well, but i do it slightly differently.

using paper masking tape (so it burns up in the first few burns), I tape the wick onto the ends of the staff the whole way. This is with a few inches of masking tape attached to the staff and then the wick, and the tape sticking the wick to itelf as you wrap it around.

Then, using a hand-drill (much easier than a power drill) I drill gently through the kevlar AND drill the holes in the staff at the same time.

This way the pilot holes in the kevalr match up exactly with the screw holes.

Then, using a power drill with a screw driver attachment, I screw in the screws and washers...

Easily the simplest fastest and most effective way i know of to do it.

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