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My first problem is wenn is a good time to light the staff... How much experience do you need...
I have stoppet hitting my self now and have control over the staff... But hey you can make an bummer...

Next... Can you use petrolium... i have heard that, that is what the ones that uses poi do... i uses staff... what shoud i do...

My thrid problem is that, i need someone to learn me the cool moves... But were i live there is nobody close who does this... Is there more sites were they have done like "Home of Poi"...

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CharlesCharlesBRONZE Member
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Whe you say petrolium, if you mean Petrol, then NO WAY!

Here's a link taking you to the fuels section of this site that will help... Fuel Safety page

Here's a general page on safety - Fire Safety Page

And there isn't really any difference between poi and staff fuels and readyness to light up.

The most important thing in my mind is to have a fire extinguisher, damp blanket and someone you trust who knows how to use them. Without them, I'd never even consider lighting up...

But here's also the comments others have made in the past "when should I light up" thread

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I knew some fool who used petrol once. Key word once! he lost most of his hair and some skin.

My sugestions:

1 - Liquid Parafin
2 - Kero
3 - Methilated Spirits

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ben-ja-menben-ja-menGOLD Member
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as far as staff goes you can light up when ever you are ok with playing with fire, as long as you remember that if you hit yourself to let go of the staff and let it fall to the ground that way you cant burn yourself as if you hit yourself with the staff its like running your hand through a candle. with the only other thing being getting rid of the excess kero in your wick just make sure there is no wind when you burnoff until you become experienced.

poi however is a totally different story as the poi are attached to you so you want to be very confident when you light up

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liquid parifin and kero are the same, but dont use metho,(methalaed spirits) cause its 95% ethanol, and ethanol will burn invisibly which you know if you work anywhere near formula one boats or anything fast, so not much pretty flame to make you look good, jus lots of heat to hurt yourself with

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