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hey folks sorry to post this but im going crazy ive been out of work for two months now and have been sacked from every job ive had as im only 19 and went straight from college to work and i have very little job expierience and have been told i am not suited to office work i now need to find a job any advice as to finding the right job for me.

right im off to play with my ball of pink fluff

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Headwrecking but the job situation is crap at the moment. I have a friend with a degree in International Marketing and Japanese, 3 years experience working in Japan (2 years as a teacher and a year as a personal advisor assisting foreigners.) Despite all that she is unemployed for almost a year now and was gutted when she was turned down for a crappy customer service job because she did not have the right experience.
My advice is have some idea what you want to do and get a couple of months work experience somewhere. You won't be bringing in money, bet then you are not anyhow. That way you will have some experience that will help you get something else or if you do well you might be kept on.

If you have been sacked from every job you have and told you are not suited to office work - ask yourself why is that? Did you deliberately mess up? Why did you apply for those type of jobs if you did not like them?

First of all try and have some idea of what area you would like to work in? Working in an office is not the be all and end all of everything. There are loads of other options.

Look at your strengths - what are you good at - Organizing / being creative (art / literary), Sporty / Languages?

Generally you should try and match your strengths and your preferences to try and find the job you want.

Good luck

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right then. a good bit of advise from me is:

become a bum...no...thats not it..

oh what was it..oh yes..now i remember...

smoke more weed.....no no no..thats not it either..

got it now. goto each and every recruitment agency you can find and join up with them, then apply to every single job you can realisticly do (porn star is a personal abmition of mine), no matter what the wages are or where it is, you will be getting loads more experisnce and any money that you get is a just a bonus.

good luck to you mate, and if all else fails, become a prostitute and seel your body. getting paid for sex is a brilliant idea!

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Originally posted by THE UNTIED CHINS OF FUR:
goto each and every recruitment agency you can find and join up with them, then apply to every single job you can realisticly do
I agree, but don't get stuck in a rut with a recruitment agency because they are liable to shaft you. Apply for something more permanent and only rely on agencies while you're passing the time.
Good luck!

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you poor thing.

I've had some crap experiences with jobs. Here's my advice:

Have you got any friends you can stay with in a bigger, better city so you can look for something more interesting? (no offence to bradford).

I used to live in a crappy little seaside town down south and ended up on the dole and feeling useless because of lack of opportunity (I was about 19 then and I'm 22 now).

I say either move somewhere where there's better jobs (it's not you it's them, trust me) - but to do that you need a place to stay somewhere groovy while you sort yourself out or..

find some hippies that live in the woods/a squat sign on from a suitable address and give yourself a break. (A real break, from worrying I mean). Do you still live with parents? What CAN you do? Do you make stuff, write stuff, sew?

If I said I'd just won the lottery and would pay you a really decent wage if you just kept yourself occupied all day, what would you do with your time?

That's a good place to start thinking. Then maybe you can find someway of doing it and getting paid.

Please PM/e-mail me if you find any of this at all useful. I have been out of work lots and a temp for ages so I'm an expert on approaching agencies and not being fobbed off with the shitty low-paid jobs. It's all about attitude. Hope to hear from you 'cause I could rant all day about this but I won't.

Good luck

You'll be fine


ps. every cloud has a silver lining

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hey folks thanxs for all ya imput it really helps to get advice from someone whos not losing there head

right im off to play with my ball of pink fluff

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very wise input, kat & sunbeam!
nice ways to put it

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