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hey peeps,

Been spinner intensivly for nearly two years and its going well. But....... After conquering the btb carry on and 5bt weaves of the btb nature, a long period of twisting, contorting and pain, I noticed i am develooping fuuny wrist. Firstly I've noticed that there not as strong. If I lean on one too hard it hurts like hell. Secondly there is this alarming clicking and crunching when I'm not warmed up. Is RSI a factor, You would think that all the variations of movements would be good for your wrists, certainly it should toughen them up a bit. Is anyone else getting worried about it. And if so is there a solution. Stopping poi/staff is definitly out of the question. Help!!!!!!!!!!
X T.

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If you spin continuolbalbalbal your body has no chance of regenerate itselfe I suggest a stop for like 3 to 4 weeks...
It could be a good idea if you warm up before you start...not that I do so but I just an idee

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its also a good idea to go get that wrist X-rayed, in case you have injured it seriously in the past and are still spinning it on a greenstick fracture, or damaged tendons.

Do you do stretches and warm ups before you start? Do you do other excercises to increase flexibility and movement when not spinning? Spinning is like any other sport in that respect, you fully need to keep your body conditioned well to get maximum results!

seriously tho, get a doctors opinion on your wrist for now, and definately take it easy over the next few weeks xoxoxxoxox

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I developed wrist problems only 2 months into poi spinning as a result of using too heavy chain and awoke a slumbering RSI that i had from a job injury...the best think I can say to do is rest it, get it checked out, DONT lean on your wrists or do anything that might cause them further stress or pain, check in with a doctor or physical therapist about stretches or warm ups you can do.

I now try to do some warm ups, particularly ones learned in Chinese Martial Arts, BaGua, Tai Chi, Silk Reeling Exercises are targeted at the wrists (and other body joints) and are great warm ups.

If you have the $$ get some acupuncture, that helped me LOADS (and I go to school for that already..hehe)

Lay off the spinning a bit, dont spin really heavy poi...Listen to your body, cut a session short when your wrists start to complain...its hard, I know, I had to stop spinning everyday, and now only spin 3X a week, to let my muscles rest and heal in between sessions.

Good Luck!

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Go gently, do a warm up, and wear wrist supports.

Hope the pain stops

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