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for a beginner, whitch - non-fire poi is good to start with, i saw how most people on this message board don't like the beginner poi, so i am currently considering the Pair of awesome Buzz' Poi, as the webmaster calls it. is that a good choice?

also, is the free web lessons good enough to start with? if not, what would be the best video to watch.

thank you for your replies in advanced!!!

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i personally think that all tailed poi suck. Other than the fact that chains are much cooler than ribbons, they make learning harder because they get tangled up so easily.

In my opinion your best to start with tennis balls on string, then progress to some pure flame 2.5inch fire poi a month or so later. This isn't to say i recomend you light them within a month of starting, but unlit they make a good set of practice poi. Then when you move onto fire you will be well practiced with the set you intend to use lit. They really don't hurt much more than tennis balls (which if you are male can be lethal )

I ordered the video/dvd when i started, then went away on holiday for a couple of months. I got my housemate to post it down to me, but being a lazy c*** it took him until the last week of the holiday to do so. Thus i learn't all the moves on the video from the site instead!

Good luck

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I just use a pair of tennis balls to practice with. They are cheap, easy to make, and work quite well. Or you could just wad up one sock and stick it in the toe of another. Voila: poi

I learnt all the basics from the free lessons on this site. I think they are quite good. Check them out, if you don't like them or feel you need more then look into "The Art of Poi" (video). Haven't seen it but I hear it's good. The world is not out to get you but if you fight it you will be eaten alive

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I actually have a set of every non-fire version of poi in the shop.
Beginner poi are technically tennis balls in a nylon pouch with an attached tail and handle. Many people have issues with the tennis balls because they feel they are too light/heavy or that they hit too hard, and some have commented that they bounce funky off the body when wrapped. I see this only as a new variation and so is not a problem.
LED and Beamers should be avoided for the novice, as they hurt.
Of them all, however, the Buzz Poi are my favorites.
They are washable. They are easy to handle. They make a really nice wooshy kind of noise when they move (esp. fast) and you can tuck the tails in when you do not need them.

I would also like to add that having tail poi actually makes the most astounding learning tool. If they get tangled it means one of two things...
1) there is a wind that blew them...try again
or, and this is the most common

2) That something is wrong with the angle/plane of your spin and that you need to correct your grip, your positioning or something else in order for the move to work. I have yet to find a move that does not work with tails, it just takes more patience and your technical spinning will only be better for it in the end!
Good luck deciding! Pele
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i'm a newbie too, and i think the buzz poi are quite cool, i have played with my friends a couple of times, i like the tails cos they look pretty when you use them

however if you can make some with just tennis balls or bean bag balls they will work just as well, esp at the beginning when you are worrying more about not hitting yourself than how you look!!

the web lessons are really good IMHO, and thats how what i used when i first started, even though i have the video now i also look at the relevent lesson because it has stuff written down too, i also just got michal kahns book and its really good

hope you have lots of fun! i know i do!


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I reasonably new to it... can do a few basic and am not smacking myself round the head as much.

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for me personnally...i have never been able to learn from the video lessons...i need to have someone in the flesh show me what the hell is going on...ha ha ha
good luck with it...and i started out with fire poi straight away...not lit obviously...but i also had someone there to show me what he knew so it was much easier to learn If life was a ball of fire...i would be the poi sustaining it

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Thank you all very mutch for your input, im a proud new owner of the Buzz poi!!!!!