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fire queenmember
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Location: uk

im looking 4 any who lives in or around bath (uk)
ive just got a set of fire poi and i just need advise from a pro
i can do normal poi fine its just the fire thing that ineed help with like safety etc

WintermuteLost in the world but loving it :)
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Location: Maybe Oxford, maybe Brighton ;)

Um diddly um, my m8 lives in Bath most of the time but hes in switzerland at the mo, and we both spin and there are loads of people at the university, I'll try and get you some e-mails numbers etc, back soon

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Location: Northampton, UK

I believe the Bath types still meet on a Monday night at about 9pm in Queen Square. Magnus or the illusive MarkP should be able to tell you more.

Have a look at for details of the meets. See you when I make it down for a meet.

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SickpuPpyNinja Rockstar!
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Don't know if by safety you mean having someone there if you light your ass on fire, but if you mean just general safety This is something you should read and there is all kinds of other safety topics on the left side navigation bar on the main page dealing with clothing and what not.

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