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any1 know where i can buy fire poi in the uk?
please help
fire queen

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depends where you live...

if you are in or around london.. .goto oddballs in camden (just before you get to the bridge)...there stuff is really nice but a little tiny bit pricey...its not too bad tho...

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well im looking 4 places that sell fire poi near bristol
but if im in london i will look

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You may want to change the title of this thread (which you can still do by editing the first post) to something like "Help finding firepoi in Bristol".... this way the Bristol people will be more likely to see it. (Plus it keeps us annoying New Yorkers away.)

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You can buy some really well constructed fire equipment on this site at very reasonable prices which is shipped right to your door in very little time. Watch out when buying over the counter in the Uk. A lot of fire equipment I've seen for sale here is of unsafe construction, unlike the stuff I've seen which was bought from HoP. Either buy from a reputable supplier and ask about their safety record or alternatively, making your own fire chains can be fun and you can be sure of the quality of the materials used.

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