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Hello anyoneout there who knows anything at all about Amsterdam! WE are a group og folk from the Beltane Fire Society which happens to be a massive pagan festival each year in edinbuegh where we live. At this festival there is more fire than you could shake a dipping bucket at and enormous quantities of high quality eardrum wrecking drumming.

We're skint.

And we have got the bright idea of coming to this beautiful town in Holland to busk to raise money for the festival, to hae a good time and to meet up and make friends with fire folk, drummers, jugglers, anyone interested in anything interesting and get them to come over for our festival at some point.

We should be around ten drummers/ fire performers/ stilters/ jugglers/ belly dancers and someting else too.

I'm writing this cos we want to know where and how we can busk in the city. AND what's happening around feb/march as we need to decide when to go and we may as well go at the same time as something exciting that's happening.

So if you can help at all maybe even know where 10 great people can crash for a weekend or just want to meet up, or anything whatsoever.... answers on a postcard here or to me

Be seeing you, we'll be on fire,



Papa Lebamember
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Hey Landd,

I am from Rotterdam, Netherlands and interested in your adventure.

BTW I suppose you have already looked into the Meet Others section of HOP... If not: there are a few people from Amsterdam listed, who might be able to give you more specific information about (street)performing in A'dam. I have the idea that it's not that easy. I have been drumming there on the street a few times and had problems with police. For dodgy reasons in my case (like once I was drumming in the middle of Vondelpark and the police came and told us the neighbours were complaining. I replied: "Which neighbours, the oaks or the willows...."
Anyway when I find out more about A'dam streetperforming rules I'll let you know.

At the other hand I am very interested in this Beltane group/festival of yours and would like to meet up with you guys when you are in Holland. There is not a very lively fire(poi) scene in Holland, or should I say none at all. I myself am a percussionist, fireperformer and juggler and always like to get in contact with other performers.

Another thing I can do is find out if smth interesting is happening in the period of your stay.

What I know for now is that there will be a dutch juggling convention but it'll take place in may...

Anyway, let me know about your plans and I'll see what I can find out.

Till Next!
Adrian Papa Leba ((( If all that was unseen was seen, then that which we now see would be unseen )))

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Thanks for replying!

was beginning to think there was no one from Netherlands on this thing.

Well tell us all about the exciting stuff that may be going on and email me (yanddsan@hotmail,com). What sort of stuff do you do over there? Juggling, fire stuff? Today I finally got my christmas present of six acrylic contact balls, that's me away...

So Beltane is fabulous and the website should give you some info about it, right now we're organising Imbolc, the ritual celebrating the arrival of spring and it's triumph over winter.

chherio then

I soup!

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When about are you people coming to Holland then?

I Live very close to Amsterdam and i practise trance,tribal and bellydance with and without toys. I dance with staff,poi,fans,veils and candles with or without live percussion. And i as well celebrate the esbats and sabbats(mostly I organize open midnight forest meets) which i celebrate with spiritualists of several paths.

There is an* I'm looking for some fellow dutch spinners *thread which is found in the events and performance section. Here most of the dutch jugglers and twirlers get together and set times and dates for meetings and performances. We meet every now and then in several cities, mostly The hague, Utrecht and Amsterdam.

If you visit Holland it is always a good advise to visit Ruigoord in a weekend. This is an artistsvillage where they organize parties and festivals in their paganchurch and surroundings. It is the best place to visit in this country for creative souls. The village has its own rules, which are based on freedom and respect!

Hopefully we'll meet up when your group gets here, would be nice to join you all to raise money. Might be able to arrange a place to stay in Amsterdam as well (enough big squads to stay! smile )
So please let me know when you are coming by pm, or here
If needed one of us could help out to get a licence to perform.

Well hopefully read you soon!


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ehrm, moon: check the dates on top: they were coming in februari/march of 2003 ubblol eRic. I'm not normally a religious man, but if you're up there, save me, Superman!

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Thanks man biggrin