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Posted:Does anyone know officially whether you need a permit or license to do fire stuff (eg firechains) in public places (as opposed to private or placves such as beaches where there are no fire signs) in England? I know that you need a permit from the council in order to busk in many areas, but is there are seperate one needed for fire?


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Posted:i think you have to goto your local council and talk with them to do it legally.
fire being dangerous and in a public place it would be silly not to do it with out public liability.


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Posted:well on this subject, here in washington i have yet to even think about lookin into insuance. Yes i know very soon it is something i will be doing. what i have done instead is talked with the local fire districts an fire codes and permits, even though i have never been stoped while out spinnin. they (the fire district) were very informative and asked that i write a propasal so that thy may issue a annual permit for me to play. they are kind and willing to help.
i must go back on the statment i have never been stoped. at a public gathering me and a small group i had just meet were stoped. befor we were ttold to stop they asked if we had a permit, when the answer was no we had to put our fire.
so here in the u.s. or at least in washington public shows do not need insurance but a permit. Yes i think the idea of have insurance is a very good idea and one of the best safty percautions one could take.

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